Offer 1: Convert old LogicTM files

If, like me, you’re a longtime user of the LogicTM music production software,…

…you’re likely to have some old (<V5.0) Logic files in your archives that you cannot open with recent versions of Logic Studio. You’d need an old Logic-7 installation, a Power PC Mac, a license, and a dongle…

It happens that I do have exactly that, and I will gladly convert your files for you for a nominal fee. Just email your files with a short note to , and send 1€ per file (minimum fee is 5€) via PayPal to the same email address. You may also send the equivalent in USD.

You will receive your file in Logic Studio 7 format. This file can be opened with current versions of Logic X Studio (which will subsequently save it in its current file format).

Please send the Project File only—do not include audio files. Dropbox links are welcome. For your convenience, a PayPal button has been added below.

Offer 2: Convert current* LogicTM files to Music XML

You want to use your old Logic files, but don’t use or own Logic any more? I can help! I can export your score to Music XML format which can be opened in music notation software like SibeliusTM, and FinaleTM, amongst others. (You might have to redo some of your formatting though.) Same fee as above.

*“Current” as in “can be opened by the most recent version of Logic Studio X”.

Offer 3: Apply both conversions

You may wish to have both conversions. This is not a problem at all, just double the fee. (Minimum: 10€)

You can make a payment here:

1 Euro = $ (US)
5 Euro = $ (US)
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